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202.06 Outdoor & Municipal Street Lighting

Effective January 1, 2017


A.  Application

Applicable to all Customers for permanent outdoor area lighting. Not applicable for temporary, construction, or shared service.


B.  Type of service

Dusk-to-dawn controlled security or street lights mounted on the Cooperative’s wood poles with energy usage un-metered.


C.  Monthly Rate and Estimated kWh Usage With Ballast Losses

Each billing period the Customer shall be obligated to pay the following charges:


New Installations: Type, Monthly kWh, Monthly Charge per Light


100-watt High Pressure Sodium: 50 kWh, $12.32/month

250-watt High Pressure Sodium: 108 kWh, $21.97/month

400-watt High Pressure Sodium: 169 kWh, $27.82/month
40-watt Security LED: 15 kWh, $7.15/month
70-watt Security LED: 26 kWh, $8.83/month
40-watt Street Light LED:15 kWh, $6.94/month
115-watt Street Light LED: 42 kWh, $11.30/month
181-watt Street Light LED: 66 kWh, $16.35/month  

Additional Poles: $4.40 per pole/month


No Longer Available for New Installations: Type, Monthly kWh, Monthly Charge per Light


175-watt Mercury Vapor: 78 kWh, $12.32/month
250-watt Mercury Vapor: 109 kWh, $17.15/month
400-watt Mercury Vapor: 167 kWh, $21.97/month
Non-Metered Ornamental Seasonal: $0.109 per kWh
Non-Metered Street Lighting: $0.109 per kWh 


D.  Conditions of Service

1.  The Cooperative will install its standard outdoor luminaries, wood pole mounted, and so connected that energy usage will not be metered.

2.  The cost of all equipment and appurtenances including additional poles installed by the Cooperative will be paid for by the Customer.  The above rate shows the additional charge per pole for any additional poles required for lighting services (in addition to existing primary or other poles) to cover pole operating and maintenance costs. 


To encourage conservation from existing Mercury Vapor and HPS installations to energy-efficient LED technology and at the Customer's request, the Cooperative will install LED lights at no upfront cost to the Customer and the Customer will pay the rate of a Mercury Vapor or HPS per light charge for a time period of six (6) years after the conversion to an equivalent-sized LED fixture in order for the Cooperative to recover the estimated installation cost of the LED fixture. At the end of the six (6) year time period, the billing will be changed to the then current rate in effect for an LED fixture.


3.  The Cooperative will maintain all equipment, including lamp replacement, at no additional expense to the Customer.


4.  All equipment and appurtenances will become the property of the Cooperative.  The Customer will make every reasonable effort to prevent deliberate damage to Cooperative property.


5.  Customers requesting lighting that is non-standard to the Cooperative shall be supplied a metered service and the Cooperative will not be responsible for the installation or maintenance of any equipment on the load side of such installations.


6.  In the past the Cooperative has in some cases allowed a town, homeowners association or county government to attach dusk to-dawn controlled ornamental lighting or street lighting (fixture) to non-metered facilities of the Cooperative. Said fixture and its attachment to Cooperative facilities shall meet National Electric Safety Code (NESC), current edition, standards and be approved by the Cooperative.  The fixture will be the property of the Customer and the Cooperative will not maintain the fixture.  Any costs incurred for labor or materials by the Cooperative shall be reimbursed to the Cooperative by the Customer. The Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Cooperative of any liability occurring due to the fixture being attached to the Cooperative facility.  At the time of application the wattage of the fixture, and any losses, shall be determined and monthly energy usage will be based on twelve (12) hours per day for thirty (30) days.  The energy usage will be billed at the rate for non-metered ornamental seasonal lighting and non-metered street lighting. Such non-metered supply arrangements are no longer available to new installations.


E.   Monthly Minimum Charge

Customer shall be obligated to pay the charges per light for each billing period whether or not any energy is used.


F.   Billing Adjustments

This rate is subject to all billing adjustments.


G.  Agreement

An agreement for electric service with a fixed term may be required by the Cooperative.  This rate schedule may be changed by order or consent of regulatory authorities having jurisdiction, or if none, by the Cooperative’s Board of Directors.  Service hereunder is subject to the Cooperative’s tariff for electric service.

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