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203.03 Meter Error Adjustment

If a meter is found to be outside the accuracy standards established by the American National Standards Institute, Inc., proper correction shall be made of previous readings for the period of six (6) months immediately preceding the removal of such meter from service for test, or from the time the meter was in service since last tested, but not exceeding six (6) months, as the meter shall have been shown to be in error by such test, and adjusted bills shall be rendered. No refund is required from the Cooperative except to the Customer last served by the meter prior to the testing. If a meter is found not to register for any period, unless bypassed or tampered with, the Cooperative shall make a charge for units used, but not metered, for a period not to exceed six (6) months based on amounts used under similar conditions during a period or periods preceding or subsequent thereto, or during corresponding periods in previous years.

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