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204.04 Service Availability Charge

Each Customer receiving electric service will be charged a Service Availability Charge through the application of the minimum requirements of the rate tariff for the type of service to be received as a minimum monthly billing, unless otherwise stated. As a guarantee of revenue for the Cooperative to maintain idle services for service readiness, the minimum bill requirements, including the Service Availability Charge, will be billed to the Customer after a request for service discontinuation has been received by the Cooperative until one of the following events occur:


A new application for the service is received which assumes responsibility for the Service Availability Charge; the service is transferred to the owner of the property at the date requested for discontinuance; or the owner requests in writing that the service be removed.


If at the conclusion of six (6) months any of the Service Availability Charges and the minimum bill requirements is unpaid, the Cooperative will notify the owner of record that the electric service will be scheduled for removal. In order to retain service, the unpaid charges shall be paid as a reconnect fee in addition to other charges that might apply. Should the service be removed, a new line extension charge will be required to restore the service.

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