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204.11 Engineering Deposits & Fees

The Cooperative shall collect the following deposits and fees for engineering services:


A.  Deposits for Line Extension Engineering Estimate

The Cooperative shall collect a deposit to provide one engineering cost estimate for contract pricing of new services, line extensions, subdivision developments, conversions, relocations, and other projects based on a site visit and detailed plans furnished by the owner. The deposit will be applied toward the construction charge if the extension is made within one year of the estimate. Such deposits are non-refundable. Line extension estimates will be valid for 90 days from the date contracts are issued for signatures and payment. The following line extension engineering deposit schedule shall apply:


Type of Service Project & Line Extension Engineering Deposit

  • Residential/commercial service or service upgrade rated up to 320 amps/240 volts (600-foot or shorter primary line extension):  $500
  • Primary line extension more than 600 feet:  $500 plus $1 per foot of line over 600 feet
  • Subdivision or multi-family project, including primary design within project site (NOTE: extension to site requires an additional fee):  $1,500 plus $50 per lot or unit
  • Relocation, conversion or other project:  The greater of $500 or 10 percent of the preliminary estimated project cost
  • NOTE: For projects requiring more than one type of installation - e.g. a primary line extention and a new service or subdivision development - all applicabale fees apply.


B.  Missed New Service Appointment Fee

The Cooperative shall charge a fee to customers or electricians who miss their free site visit appointment for new service. The fee shall be $50.00 to reschedule the appointment.


C.  Additional New Service Design Fee

The Cooperative shall charge a fee to Customers or Electricians who change design/meter location after initial design has been done. The fee shall be $150.00 with payment required prior to scheduling a second appointment.


D.  Primary Line Extension Re-Design Fee

Customers who change design on a primary line extension project that results in the need to re-stake must pay $200.00 prior to having the re-engineering work done.


E.  Subdivision Re-Design Fees

Developers are responsible to finalize subdivision plats and engineering development plans prior to initiating design work for electric utility infrastructure. Developers shall be financially responsible for the estimated labor expenses incurred by the Cooperative when design or subdivision name changes require engineering re-work. The fee for re-design shall be $450.00 per man-day. Work will commence after the Cooperative receives payment for this re-work fee as estimated by the Cooperative.


F.  Subdivision Re-Construction Fees

Developers shall also be financially responsible for re-work on construction costs incurred when grade is changed or when other plat changes are made after installation of electric lines. All such work shall be done under a special work order at time, material, and indirect costs to be paid by the developer. The Cooperative reserves the right to discontinue utility work in the subdivision until such re-construction costs are paid.


G.  Optional Non-Refundable Engineering Site Visit Fee

Customers seeking advice on possible new service or line extension projects are encouraged to call the Engineering Department office staff or stop by the Engineering office to visit with staff for information on procedures and consultation at no cost. Customers who desire a field visit by a staking engineer to review site specific conditions and obtain verbal information     may opt to pay $100 for a site visit. This optional site visit fee must be paid in advance of scheduling the appointment and does not apply toward any engineering deposit or construction charge.

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