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204.13 Meter Tampering

The Cooperative will charge a metering tampering charge of:


First occurrence:  $80

Each additional occurrence:  $150 plus charges for repair or replacement of damaged equipment and for usage as described below.


The term “meter tampering” as used herein applies to any instance in which a meter assigned to a Consumer shows any evidence of having been entered by a person, firm or corporation other than a Cooperative employee in furtherance of the Cooperative’s business and includes, but is not limited to, those instances in which the seal is broken in which a meter has been jumper-ed so as to bypass the meter and serve energy to a point of delivery, or any instance in which the meter has been reversed so as to impair or defeat its capacity to accurately measure energy delivered through the meter and/or to a delivery point, or any other act whether specifically covered herein which interferes with the meter’s effectiveness to gauge the consumption of electric energy.


In cases of meter tampering or bypassing of meter, electric energy consumed, but not metered, may be estimated by the Cooperative based on the amounts used under similar conditions during preceding years. Where no previous usage history exists or is considered unreliable due to meter tampering or bypassing of meter, consumption may be estimated on the basis of usage levels of similar customers and under similar conditions. The Cooperative may charge for all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to repair or replace all equipment damaged due to the meter tampering or the bypassing of meter.

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