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August Board Meeting Minutes


Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

Walden, Colorado

August 9, 2018

8:00 A.M.



Present: Jeff Hauck, Richard Zieff, Carl Trick, Justin Fosha, Liz McIntyre, Peggy Smith, Mark Volt Tom Sifers, Scott Simmons, Stacie Dellamano, Rich Trostel, Rob Taylor, Jessica Rahn, Susan Hunter, Joe Palmer, and Bryson Fredregill.


Call to Order

President Jeff Hauck called the meeting to order at 8:17 a.m.


Determination of Quorum

A quorum was declared.



The Board reviewed the meeting minutes from the July 12, 2018 meeting.

MOTION: Director Zieff moved to approve the minutes of the July 12, 2018 meeting as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


Attorney Summary Fees Report

The Board reviewed Attorney Williamson’s fees summary report for July 2018.

MOTION:  Director McIntyre moved to approve Attorney Williamson’s report.  The motion passed unanimously.


Manager’s Report

The General Manager’s Report as prepared by Sifers was reviewed.  Sifers reported on the Tri-State Assessment process and discussed the Tri-State member board survey.  Sifers reported on the status of the MicroGrid Project in North Park, which is awaiting execution of a final power purchase agreement and interconnection agreement.  Sifers updated the board on personnel changes.  Sifers reported on a member objection to the MicroGrid solar project at the Mettler Substation.


Public Comment

Sifers introduced Jeff and Tracy Martin, who gave a presentation showing how the MicroGrid solar project at the Mettler Substation affects their adjacent property.   The Martins presented several project alternatives that they felt would lessen the impact of the solar project on their property.  The board discussed the various alternatives presented by the Martins.


Manager’s Report Continued

Sifers presented the results of the Tri-State Policy 115 survey.  Sifers discussed the issue of master metering as it relates to RV parks.  Sifers presented a request from a school district to reduce costs associated with the affordable housing the district is developing for teachers.  The board requested that legal counsel investigate legal issues associated with various forms of aid.


Engineering Report

The Engineering Report as prepared by Simmons was reviewed.  Simmons reported on personnel changes in the engineering department.  Simmons reported on discussions with a developer regarding installation of conduit to support fiber optic cable in future subdivision developments.  Simmons updated the board on the status of the power transformer at the McKenzie substation.  MPEI has been working with Electrical Technologies to develop possible solutions ranging from transformer replacement to having the transformer oil processed to remove excess hydrogen gas.


Operations & Safety Report

The Operations Report and Safety Report as prepared by Trostel was reviewed.  Trostel reported on the results of a safety strategy lab conducted by Federated Rural Insurance Exchange and CREA.  As of June 30, 201, MPEI employees have worked 177,934 hours without a lost time accident. MPEI received an award at the CREA loss control seminar for going all of 2017 without a lost time accident.  Trostel reported on 2 near misses.

MOTION: Director Fosha moved to accept the Safety Report.  The motion passed unanimously.


Finance Report

The Finance Report as prepared by Dellamano was reviewed.  Dellamano reviewed the 2018 financials through June.  Dellamano explained the new way in which items formerly designated as “special equipment” are being treated and how the new treatment allowing better monitoring of costs.  Dellamano presented the Form 7; Financial and Statistical Report; and Customer, Sales, and Revenue Data.  The board discussed the degree to which MPEI is prepared to absorb the unanticipated loss of a large customer.  Dellamano presented the 2017 Key Ratio Trend Analysis.  Dellamano reported that her department is currently evaluating the ATS and NISC software.

MOTION:  Director McIntyre moved to approve the Finance Report as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.

President Hauck recessed the meeting at 11:57 a.m. for lunch and reconvened the meeting at 1:08 p.m. 


Information Technology Report

The Information Technology Report as prepared by Palmer was reviewed.  Palmer discussed the cybersecurity policy.


Human Resources and Administration Report

The Human Resources and Administration Report as prepared by Jessica Rahn was reviewed.  Rahn presented a revised MPEI Benefits Philosophy.  The board discussed revisions to the language of the Benefits Philosophy

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to approve MPEI Benefits Philosophy as revised.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Member Relations and Communications Report

The Member Relations and Communications Report as prepared by Taylor was reviewed.  Taylor discussed MPEI’s participation at the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo. Taylor provided a social media update.  MPEI has 1,010 Facebook and 229 Twitter followers.  Taylor reported on his attendance at a meeting for the Climate Action Plan for Summit County.


Office Services Report

The Office Services Report as prepared by Susan Hunter was reviewed.  She reported on a 3-day software demonstration conducted by NISC.  Hunter discussed several specific software features that she found especially impressive.


Bills for Payment

The Board reviewed the list of cash disbursements for July 2018.

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to ratify the July 2018 cash disbursements from general funds per the cash disbursement list presented to the Board.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Board Open Forum & Associated Board Reports

Director Trick reported on his attendance at the regular meeting of the Tri-State Board of Directors. Five Tri-State members applied for Policy 115 projects.  Trick reported on the 2019 Budget.  Tri-State anticipates increased member revenue and decreased fuel expenses.  Tri-State projects $56.5 million in margins and a deferred revenue balance of $88 million at the end of 2019.

Director Trick reported on his attendance at the Club 20 meeting.  A presentation by EPRI indicated that the largest future load increase will come from transportation, with 40% of new cars in 2030 qualifying as electric vehicles. The Colorado River Commission gave a presentation indicating Lake Powell could be below the power pool in 2 years.

Director Zieff reported that there was no Western United meeting this month

Director Hauck reported that there was no CREA meeting this month.


Discussion/Action Item #1

Review MPEI Administrative Policy B-3 Financial Management

Dellamano presented MPEI Administrative Policy B-3 for discussion.  The Board discussed the mailing requirement and capital credit retirement timeline.  Future consideration of the proposed revisions to Policy B-3 was deferred until after adoption of an associated bylaw amendment.


Discussion/Action Item #2

Determine Date and Location of Strategic Planning Session

The board delayed scheduling of a strategic planning session until the release of an updated white paper.


Discussion/Action Item #3

Establish 2019 Annual Meeting Date

The board discussed potential times and dates for the annual meeting.

MOTION: Director Fosha moved to establish May 11, 2019 as the annual meeting date and the MPEI headquarters as the annual meeting location.  The motion passed unanimously.


Discussion/Action Item #4

Preliminary review of NRECA 2019 Benefit Figures and Insurance Options

Jessica Rahn presented a comparative analysis of employee health insurance programs.  She presented the renewal rates under current program two-tier program as compared to a four-tier program.  The board discussed the relative merits of two-tier and four-tier programs.


Discussion/Action Item #5

Approve Line of Credit with CoBank

Sifers presented a Resolution authorizing a line of credit with CoBank.

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to approve the resolution as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


Discussion/Action Item #6

Consumer Data Policy

Joe Palmer presented a Consumer Data Privacy Policy.

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to approve the policy as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


President Hauck recessed the meeting at 3:27 p.m. and reconvened at 3:30 p.m.


Executive Session

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to go into executive session for attorney-client privileged advice regarding personnel matters, with the following in attendance: All directors present at the meeting, Tom Sifers, and Attorney Fredregill.  The motion passed unanimously. 

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to come out of executive session.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Old Business



New Business



The Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

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