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Green Power Program & Net Metering

MPE established the Green Power Program in 1999, providing an opportunity for its member-owners to support renewable energy.

Green Power Program History & Stats

To contribute to the program:""

  1. Purchase 100 kilowatt-hour Green Power Blocks (as many as you would like) for $0.50 per block
  2. Fill out the Green Power Contribution Form and submit it to MPE 
  3. You will be billed for your Green Power Blocks on your monthly electric bill.


To apply for a local renewable energy installation rebate

- RESIDENTIAL: up to 25 kW nameplate 
- COMMERCIAL: up to 250 kW nameplate



Net Metering


Federal Tax Credit for Renewable Installations


Other Renewable Energy Endeavors

MPE is invested in and committed to renewable energy. Hydroelectric, wind, solar and other renewable projects are vital to our community and preserving our resources.


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