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MPE donates more than $200K in unclaimed patronage capital to local driver's ed courses

Granby, C.O. – As a non-profit business, local energy-provider Mountain Parks Electric (MPE) returns a portion of its margins to everyone who purchases the electricity that it delivers. But what happens to the money due to residents who move away and cannot be located? The answer is many good things. Recently, a portion of those dollars have been used to help keep local youth safe behind the wheel. 


Since 2010, Mountain Parks Electric (MPE) has donated more than $200,000 toward the National Driver Training Institute driver’s education in Grand and Jackson Counties. And in the past 6 years, more than 700 local high school student-drivers have participated in these courses – students from Middle Park High School, Winter Park Christian School, West Grand High School and North Park High School.


“This is a vital program for young people,” said MPE General Manager Tom Sifers. “We hope that more local students take these courses. Everyone benefits when there are more safe drivers on our roads.”


The Middle Park High School Driver’s Education Program was formed in conjunction with MPE, the Town of Winter Park and the Granby and Winter Park/Fraser Police Departments. Like MPE, the Town of Winter Park continues to sponsor the program.


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