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MPE's Renewable Energy Portfolio

Presently, 30 percent of MPE’s power is supplied by renewable resources. MPE’s electric distribution power portfolio includes:




  • Granby Dam (Granby, Colo.)

5 million kilowatt-hours a year of electricity (1.2 MW nameplate capacity), enough to power approximately 600 homes a year within MPE’s service area.


  • Western Area Power Administration (regionally generated)

199 million kilowatt-hours of electricity/yr., 12% of Tri-State G&T (TSG&T), MPE’s wholesale power provider, power mix.


  • Other TSG&T Small Hydro (Colorado)

MPE’s power mix also includes various small hydro generation from facilities in Parshall, Ridgeway, Durango, Boulder and Mancos.




  • Middle Park High School PV Array (Granby, Colo.)

Approximately 4,000 kilowatt-hours a year of electricity (2.07 kW nameplate capacity). This project came online in 2010, and was partially funded by MPE.


  • Net-Metered Residential & Commercial Solar (local)

MPE purchases net-metered solar power from more than 90 of its members. Cumulatively, these renewable energy systems generate approximately 1,200 MWH a year.


  • Wholesale PV Generation (regionally generated)

5.8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year delivered regionally to TSG&T.  By the end of 2016, another 55 MW of nameplate capacity generated in Colorado will also be added to MPE’s regional power supply.


  • Community Solar

On an ongoing basis, MPE monitors community solar opportunities – with an eye on affordability for all MPE members.




  • Net-Metered Residential Wind Power (local)

MPE purchases net-metered wind generation from 2 of its residential members. Wind turbines produce approximately twice as much power in Jackson County as Grand County.


  • Kit Carson site & Colorado Highlands Sites (regional)

49 million kilowatt-hours of electricity/yr., 3% of Tri-State G&T (MPE) power mix. By the end of 2017, another 226 MW of nameplate capacity generated in Colorado will also be added to MPE’s regional power supply.



  • Local Biomass

MPE has analyzed numerous local biomass generation project proposals. Although there is an abundant amount of fuel (dead timber), the cost of generation remains significantly higher than purchased power from Tri-State G&T (~2 times more), MPE’s wholesale power supplier.


  • Green Power Program (local)

Established in 1999, MPE’s Green Power Program is funded by more than 1,100 MPE members, voluntary contributors who donate monthly funds to rebate local renewable projects – up to $2,000 rebate for residential projects, up to $8,000 for businesses and organizations. Total funds disbursed (2011 - 2016): ~$120,000.


  • Wood Boiler (local)

MPE heats its 25,000-square-foot Granby warehouse with an Osby Parca wood pellet boiler, the 1st wood-burning boiler installed on Colorado’s Western Slope (2009). Annual heating cost: $0.25 - $0.41 per square foot (subject to fluctuating wood pellet costs).


  • Miscellaneous Small Renewables (regional)

Other TSG&T small renewable generation accounts for more than 2% of Tri-State G&T (MPE) power mix.




  • TSG&T, MPE’s power supplier, is in compliance with the Colorado renewable portfolio requirement and currently generates 30% of its power supply from renewable resources.
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