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Primary Line Extension Application

To apply for a primary line extension, please fill out the form below.  Enter "N/A" where not applicable or "none" where appropriate.  At the end of the application you will be able to hit the submit button, which will email the application to Mountain Parks Electric, Inc.  After we have reviewed your application we will contact you to schedule a site visit and collect the required $600.00 engineering deposit for a primary line extension up to 600 feet.  If the distance is over 600 feet there will be an additional $1 per foot of line.  If you have questions regarding the application or have questions, please feel free to contact the MPEI Engineering Department at 970-887-3378 Option 3.

Enter the name of the owner
Enter the owner's phone number
Enter the owner's email address
Enter Developer Name
Enter developer's phone number
Enter developer's email address
Enter name of the arch/planner
Enter the arch/planner contact person
Enter the arch/planner contact person's phone number
Enter the arch/planner contact person's email address
Enter the name of the electrical consultant
Enter the name of the electrical consultant's contact person
Enter the electrical consultant contact's phone number
Enter the electrical consultant's contact email address
Enter the billing name - who will receive the billing
Enter the street address or PO Box to where the bills are to be send
Enter the billing town, state, zip code
Enter the billing address email
Enter the phone number for the billing
Enter the subdivision if applicable
Is the site in the town limits?
Enter the town
Enter Section, Township, Range, County of Site
Enter the number of lots
Enter the number of units (Multi-family)
Enter the size of development. How many acres?
Enter the average lot size
Do transformers need to be set when the primary is installed?
1) If you would like transformers to be set with the primary service, "Residential Applications" must be included with this application (if applicable). 2) The transformers will be installed with the primary but will not be energized until all primary wire is installed and connections are made. 3) No secondary electric service will be processed until all primary wire is installed and connectd.
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