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Report a Power Outage: 970-887-3378

Report an Outage

​Outage? Call 970-887-3378

During outages, MPE first repairs high-usage power lines: lines that serve the most consumers. However, the electrical system does somewhat dictate the order in which repairs occur. Since electricity travels from substations to consumers, substation lines need to be repaired in order. Our commitment to you is to restore power as soon as possible without compromising safety.

If there is a power failure:

  1. Check your circuit breakers, then see if your neighbors have power.
  2. Call MPEI and tell us your name, address, phone number and the time of the outage.
  3. Report any unusual circumstances (e.g. downed lines, trees, flashes of light, etc.)
  4. If power fails again after it is restored, please contact us. We have more work to do!

We have highly qualified personnel working to restore power as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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