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Residential Application

Residential Application

To apply for a new residential service, please fill out the form below.  Enter "N/A" where not applicable or "none" where appropriate.  At the end of the application you will be able to hit the submit button, which will email the application to Mountain Parks Electric, Inc.  After we have reviewed your application we will contact you to schedule a site visit and collect the required $600.00 engineering deposit.  If you have questions regarding the application or have questions, please feel free to contact the MPEI Engineering Department at 970-887-3378 Option 3.

Enter the name of the applicant
Enter billing address of the applicant
Enter Town, State, Zip Code of the applicant
Enter applicant's email address
Enter applicant's primary phone number
Enter applicant's secondary phone number
Is the applicant a Mountain Parks Electric, Inc. Member?
Name of the electrician
Enter electrician's phone number
Enter the electrician's email address
Enter the contractor or builders name
Enter contractor's phone number
Enter the contractor's email address
Is the building location within a town limit? Enter yes or no
Enter the Town, if applicable
Enter the subdivision if applicable
Enter the lot, block, filing of building site
Enter the address of building site
Enter the Section, Township, Range, and County of building site
Indicate the amperage, the size of the main disconnect/breaker rating
Select secondary voltage
Enter secondary wire size
Select meter location
Enter the distance from the transformer to the meter, if known
Is temporary construction service required?
Are all property corners clearly staked and labeled at the site?
Is the address posted at the site?
Enter the square footage of the house
Enter the square footage of the garage or shed
Select the type of heat
Enter KW of electric heat, if applicable
Enter KW of electric water heater, if applicable
Enter KW of lighting load
Enter KW of Hot Tub, if applicable
Enter KW of Sauna, if applicable
Enter number of major loads and KW or hp of each load (over 2 horsepower)
Enter the amps or hp of largest motor starting or locked rotor current (if over 3 horsepower)
Enter any additional remarks regarding building site, net metering, or request an exception form.
Attach a copy of the site sketch.


  • Please indicate on the site sketch the location of the property pins (REMINDER: If the street address is not posted, if property corners are not clearly staked and labeled at the site, or if the site sketch does not reflect the lot markings when the staking engineer visits the property, this may delay the process).  Please sketch the structure site to include gables on building, roads, driveways, sidewalks and proposed meter location(s).
  • I certify that the attached information is correct.  I agree that all electrical construction on the attached project will meet MPEI requirements as specified in the Electric Service Construction Standards.
  • I agree to pay the non-refundable $600.00 engineering deposit which will be applied toward the cost of the job, site visit, staking, design, contracts, etc. for a period fo one year from the date of receipt.
  • Processing the application will not begin until all required information is provided.

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