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Tariff 330.00 Net Metering


330.01 Application

Net metering is applicable to Customer-Generators (Customers) who install an eligible energy resource system and whose Net Meter Interconnection Agreement is approved by the Cooperative.  Net metering is also applicable to customers who purchase a property with an existing, approved net metering system.  Net metering is subject to provisions of this policy and applicable law.


330.02 Definitions

“Customer-Generator” means an end-use electricity Customer of the Cooperative that generates electricity on the customer’s side of the meter using an eligible energy resource system.


“Net Metering” is the offsetting of the Customer’s consumption from the Cooperative by the excess electricity generated from eligible energy resources by a Customer-Generator on the Customer-Generator’s side of the meter and delivered to the Cooperative.  Some of the customer’s generated electricity is delivered to his own load without passing through the Cooperative’s meter.


“Eligible Generating System” is an electric generating system which:

  1. Has a total aggregate nameplate generating capacity, from single or multiple generators as follows:
           a. For residential customers, up to twenty-five kilowatts (25 kW).
           b. For commercial or industrial customers, up to twenty-five kilowatts (25 kW); and
  2. Uses as its energy resource qualified renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower.  A fuel cell using hydrogen derived from an eligible energy resource is also an eligible electric generation technology; and
  3. Operates in parallel with the Cooperative’s electric distribution system; and
  4. Meets all safety and performance requirements of the Cooperative and applicable regulations and standards.



330.03 Net Metering Service

The Cooperative will provide and install at the Customer’s expense, as well as own, operate and maintain a single meter (or meters) to measure electric energy flow in each direction as necessary to bill net metered energy. 


The Customer shall be responsible for all costs associated with the interconnection and its eligible generating system and shall also be responsible for all costs related to any modifications to the generating system that may be required by the Cooperative for purposes of interconnectivity, safety, and quality of service.


330.04 Service Rates and Charges

A.     The rates and charges for retail electric service to the Customer shall be based on the Cooperative’s applicable rate tariff for the Customer’s premises.  The Customer shall be billed monthly for demand and service availability (or other applicable monthly minimum) charges, plus energy charge using net metered energy (Cooperative furnished energy less Customer generated energy resource delivered to the Cooperative).


B.      Monthly energy billing offset:  The Cooperative will deduct the energy delivered by the Customer’s generation each month from the energy supplied by the Cooperative up to a limit of the monthly energy supplied by the Cooperative.  Any monthly excess generation not so deducted, shall be accumulated from month to month and credited in future monthly energy billing offsets at a ratio of one kilowatt-hour of generation for one kilowatt-hour of consumption up to the limit of monthly energy delivered by the Cooperative each month.


C.     Annual excess generation:  Within sixty (60) days after the end of each calendar year, or within sixty (60) days after the Customer-Generator terminates its retail service, the Cooperative shall credit the Customer for any excess energy generation accumulated in excess of monthly energy billing offsets.  The amount of credit shall be calculated at the avoided average wholesale cost of power to the Cooperative from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Cooperative for demand and energy for the current calendar year.  Any remaining unused credit balance shall be paid to the Customer.


D.     Time-of-Use Service:  For Customer-Generators billed under a time-of-use tariff, off-peak generation will receive off-peak credit and on-peak generation will receive on-peak credit.  Annual excess generation whether off-peak or on-peak will be credited as specified in C above.


330.05 Safety and Quality of Service

The Customer shall pay all costs incurred by the Cooperative for equipment or services that are necessary to meet the safety and performance standards as authorized by Colorado Revised Statutes 40-2-124 as follows:


A.     The Cooperative shall have the right to disconnect generators at any time if necessary to restore quality of service to other customers, e.g. for steady state/transient voltage, reliability, harmonics, or other problems that are suspected to be the result of defective generating system equipment. The Cooperative shall also have the right to disconnect service to any facility having an unauthorized interconnection of a parallel source.


B.      The net metering system shall meet all applicable standards and guidelines for safety and performance as established by the Cooperative, the National Electric Code, the National Electric Safety Code, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


C.      All interconnection equipment shall be approved by the Cooperative prior to installation and shall be accessible to the Cooperative at all times.


330.06 Liability and Indemnification

The Cooperative and the Customer-Generator shall indemnify, defend, and save the other party harmless from any and all damages, losses, or claims, including claims and actions relating to injury to or death of any person or damage to property, demand, suits, recoveries, costs and expenses, court costs, attorney fees, and all other obligations under this net metering policy and under Colorado statutes 40-9.5-118, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing by the indemnified party.


330.07 Agreement

An agreement for electric service with a fixed term may be required by the Cooperative.  This rate schedule may be changed by order or consent of regulatory authorities having jurisdiction, or, if none, by the Cooperative’s board of directors. Service hereunder is subject to the Cooperative’s tariffs and rules and regulations for electric service.


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