Yes, please call customer service for more information 970-887-3378 or toll-free 877-887-3378

No. You are not obligated to provide your social security number but if you would like to use our website to view or pay your bill, we will require at least the last 4 of your social.

Monday - Thursday: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

To waive your deposit, we look for a 12 month history with no more than 2 late fees. Anything more than that we will require a 3-month deposit. You can email your letter of credit to

We only accept letters of credit  within the past 12 months from electric or gas companies. Please have them send the letter of credit directly to Mountain Parks Electric. Contact customer service for more information 970-887-3378 or toll-free 877-887-3378. 

Funds go towards the construction of new renewable generation throughout MPEI’s service territory. If you choose to participate in the Green Power program, you will be charged your regular monthly electric bill plus an additional $1 for every 100 kWh block purchased. A one year commitment is required.

Operation Roundup is a Charitable Trust that accumulates and disburses funds for charitable purposes in the service area of Mountain Parks Electric. We automatically round up every customer’s electric bill to the next highest dollar unless the customer elects not to participate in the program. Just a few pennies a month added to your electric bill can make a huge difference in helping someone get through a difficult time in their life, or help a non-profit organization achieve their dream.

We accept cash, checks and Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards.

  • by mail
  • online using a Visa/Mastercard, credit/debit card or checking account – NOTE: There is a $2 fee for all forms of electronic payment
  • at our Granby or Walden offices during business hours (lobby at both locations, or drive up window at Granby location only)
  • using our Night Drop Boxes at our Granby or Walden offices (available 24/7 365 days a year)
  • by phone using a Visa/Mastercard, credit/debit card –  NOTE: There is a $2 fee for all forms of electronic payment
  • using auto pay - billed amount is automatically withdrawn each month from your checking account 

We are a not-for-profit coop and our tariffs state that we require a membership application filled out by each member for every meter they have. There is no membership fee.

MPE strives to provide you with affordable and equitable electric rates and charges. Approximately two-thirds of MPE's operating costs come from purchasing wholesale power. MPE has approximately 11 customers per mile of service to pay for its infrastructure, not 35 or more like other for-profit utilities and municipalities. As such, the cost for MPE to provide you with electric service is higher here in the mountains than in Colorado's urban areas.


We are a consumer-owned electric cooperative, here to serve you. For additional information, please call our customer service department at (970) 887-3378, EXT 3.