According to Colorado state law, you must give at least two business days advance notice - not including the day of the call - prior to excavation of any kind. To notify the appropriate utilities, simply call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC); dial 8-1-1. MPE is a UNCC member and will only locate our facilities with a line locate request from UNCC.

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MPE regularly trims hazard trees near power lines and/or electric service equipment. On occasion, consumers alert us about trees that pose potential safety risks. In response, we investigate and mitigate the hazard when warranted. MPE reserves the right to refuse to cut or remove any trees that do not pose a danger to MPE's facilities. If a tree is deemed a safety hazard to MPE's facilities, we will trim or remove the tree at no cost. 

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TIP 1:  Avoid downed power lines
Don’t touch any downed lines!   Don’t touch any object that is touching a power line (car, tree, etc.).  Keep people and pets/animals away from downed power lines until a Mountain Parks Electric line crew arrives to clear the area. If no MPE line crew has arrived, report downed power lines right away.

TIP 2:  Perishable food items
During a power outage, your refrigerated food should remain cold up to 4 hours if you keep the door closed.  Your full freezer will maintain its temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours for a freezer half full).

TIP 3:  Unplug for protection
Turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment and sensitive electronics during an outage.  Turn off or disconnect any appliances (like stoves) that you were using when the power went out.  This can help avoid damage to equipment if the power surges or spikes.


By Amy Higgins

Complacency can be dangerous. And with years of experience and daily repetition, it is easy to get complacent — both at home and on the job. But complacency at work, especially for electric lineworkers, can be disastrous. Working with electricity is one of the most dangerous jobs out there and one mistake can lead to a catastrophic event. For example, if a lineworker fails to inspect his rubber gloves and has the smallest tear, he could be vulnerable to a fatal contact with electricity. A new electric co-op initiative is designed to help lineworkers get back to basics, slow down and take time to be safe: a commitment to zero contacts.

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MPE provides FREE electric safety demos for schools, libraries and other organizations. To schedule a presentation, call us at 970-887-3378, EXT 284