The Clean Power Program is seeking partnership proposals for large-scale solar or clean-energy projects.   

GRANBY, CO – Since 2011, Mountain Parks Electric, Inc. (MPE) has provided rebates on local renewable energy installations through the Clean Power Program. This year, the Clean Power Program is offering community members, local business owners and non-profits the chance to apply for an accelerator grant to help support clean-energy projects in the MPE service territory.  

The Clean Power Program has the potential available funds to contribute a total of up to $30,000. It is hoped that through these gap-closing funds, the Clean Power Program can help advance local projects. For this round of funding, the Clean Power Program aims to expand its impact beyond individual residential solar and renewable projects to larger-scale projects suitable for commercial uses.

Proposed projects should: 

  • Advance the transition to clean power and energy efficiency. 
  • Include large-scale or renewable projects connected to the grid. 
  • Be ambitious for the presenting organization and demonstrate public benefit. 
  • Be innovative or have community educational value.  

Any community members, local business owners, and nonprofits looking to apply are encouraged to submit a letter of interest of up to 500 words by 5 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2023.

The letter should:

  1. Describe the desired project and requested contribution amount.  
  2. Describe the sponsoring organization. 
  3. Describe how the project will meet the organization’s energy transition goals. 
  4. Describe the public good, innovative, and/or educational value added by the project. 
  5. Describe the planning work done to-date on the project and expected project timeline. 
  6. Describe the project budget, available funds, and other partnerships / funding already committed.  
  7. Describe planned public events, outreach, and visibility anticipated with the project. 

Email letters of interest to MPE Power Use Advisor Chris Michalowski at

To participate, applicants must be a Clean Power Program contributor by making a monthly contribution through their electric bill. To become a Clean Power Program contributor, complete the form at

MPE established the Clean Power Program in 1999, providing an opportunity for its member-owners to support renewable energy. The program is funded by voluntary contributions and is administered by a volunteer advisory committee of MPE members that meets quarterly.


Chris Michalowski 
Mountain Parks Electric, Inc.
970.887.3378,  ext.. 227 

August 16, 2023

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