*NOTE: Maximum available aggregated rebate for this category is $300, limit of 1 product from each category.  

Electric Mowers & Snowblowers

  • 25% of cost, up to $150
  • riding mower: $25% of cost, up to $1,000
  • walk-behind mower: $25% of cost, up to $150

Electric trimmers, pruners, leaf blowers and power-washers

  • 25% of cost, up to $50

Electric chainsaws

  • 25% of cost, up to $100

Electric Bicycles

  • 25% of cost, up to $150

Electric Forklifts

  • up to $5,000 per forklift
  • limited funds for this rebate

Electric Pallet Jacks

  • up to $1,500
  • limited funds, $20K rebate budget cap

**NOTE: Rebates for power equipment batteries also available. 50% of cost, up to $25.

Terms & Conditions

  • New equipment only
  • Battery or corded equipment
  • Electric mowers can include riding or walk-behind mowers
  • $50 minimum purchase price
  • Receipt or invoice required with submittal (within 90 days of purchase)
  • Maximum rebate: $300 per member

Click here to access the rebate application.


  • from natural gas or propane water heater to electric
  • Must be 30 gallons or larger, tank-style, not tankless
  • $180 per unit
  • pre- and post-inspection required


  • $350 per unit
  • must be Energy-Star rated

NOTE: To qualify for an appliance rebate, you must be an MPE member, provide invoicing within 90 days of purchase and buy Energy Star appliances (except for induction cooktops/ranges).

Electric Clothes Dryers

  • $30 (standard dryer)
  • $90 (vent-less, hybrid heat pump)

Induction Cooktops/Ranges (30-inch or larger)

  • * $100 per unit for electric-to-induction replacement
  • * $350 per unit for gas-to-induction replacement or new construction (MPE verification required)

Refrigerators & Freezers RECYCLING ONLY

  • $60 (recycle) - full-size only (7.75 cubic feet or larger, limit 2)

Lumen Requirements, Rebate Amount & Limits

  • 500 lumens or greater
  • 50% of material cost
  • $8 / bulb (maximum)
  • Limit: 50 bulbs per account per year
  • Have your LED light bulb receipts and copies of bulb packaging (showing # of lumens and bulb type) to include with your rebate application


 tier 1 air-source heat pumps (HSPF 9, SEER 15)

  • 2-ton or smaller: $675, not to exceed 50% of equipment cost
  • >2 tons: $1,800, not to exceed 50% of equipment cost
  • Accounts maybe eligible for more than one rebate depending on project scope or building type and will be handled on a case-by-case basis with a rebate limit cap of $20,000.

 tier 2 air-source heat pumps (HSPF 10, SEER 16)

  • $1,000/ton, up to 6 tons
  • not to exceed 50% of equipment cost
  • air-to-water unit rebates also available


  • $500/ton for new systems
  • $250/ton for replacement systems

ASHP INSTALLER REBATE ($250/unit, terms & conditions apply):
> You must:
(1) Contact MPE and let us know you are interested in the Quality Install (QI) program
(2) Attend a FREE a 3-hour training class (you will also get 1 year access to Wright Soft’s mobile Manual J)
(3) Complete a QI Rebate Form on each install, then MPE will cut you a check for $250

NOTE: Cold-climate, air-source heat pumps (10 HSPF or higher) are more commonly being installed locally. MPE's pilot tests show a potential annual energy cost savings of ~30 percent. The units also provide air conditioning.

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NEW Installations

  • The lower of $1,000 or 50% of the total project cost (equipment & installation) of a Level 2, Wi-Fi capable EV charger 
  • Invoices must be provided to MPE within 90 days of purchase/installation 


  • Residential Level 2 chargers only (L1 & L3 do not qualify)
  • Level 2 charger MUST be Wi-Fi capable


  • To receive this rebate, you MUST enroll in the whole house time-of-use rate 
  • Wiring invoices MUST include physical address of work performed
  • A photo of the installation MUST be included with your receipts

About EVs

Through the Green Power Program, MPE provides rebates for its member-consumers installing net-metered projects. Since 2011, MPE has rebated more than $300,000 to local renewable installations. 

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  • $25
  • 240-volt line-voltage only (for electric heat)
  • limit 5 per account


  • 1 project per year/per meter
  • LED lights only
  • Up to 50% of fixture/lamp cost, 500 lumens or greater
  • Product must be Energy Star or DLC certified
  • $20,000 per project cap
  • You must contact MPE within 90 days of purchase
  • Invoice, number of lights/lamp, cut sheet for each light/lamp

NEW Installations

  • $500 for Level 2, Wi-Fi capable EV charger 
  • $500 for wiring for a Level 2, Wi-Fi capable EV charger
  • Level 3, DC fast chargers (must be publicly accessible): $3,000 - $7,500 (based on capacity of charger)
  • Invoices must be provided to MPE within 90 days of purchase/installation 


  • Level 2 & 3 chargers only (L1 does not qualify)
  • MUST be Wi-Fi capable


  • Wiring invoices MUST include physical address of work performed
  • Based on lumen output (check with MPE before purchasing)
  • 25% of head cost
  • $20,000 per project cap