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How does the Aquanta water heater controller work?

  • The control box (the blue one in the picture) is a junction box to an electric water heater’s power source, so it turns on/off the power to the tank per the control algorithm or your commands. The device acts in a lot of ways like a Nest thermostat.

What does Aquanta do?

  • Smart Control
  • Energy savings suggestions
  • Weekly & monthly usage data comparison
  • See how much hot water is available
  • Remote turn on/off and scheduling capability
  • Leak detection text message alerts
  • Automatic overheating shutoff
  • Autonomous learning function matches water heating with usage patterns
  • Operation via remote dashboard
  • Works with Nest
  • (link is external)

What is the goal of the pilot?

  • MPE will occasionally control units during typical peak hours (5:30 PM – 10:00 PM, Monday – Saturday) and analyze results
  • Gain feedback from members about the installation experience
  • Shift water heating load to off-peak time period
  • Validate statistically load shedding potential of full-time and seasonal homeowners
  • Determine how many hours of load control is tolerable by members
  • Verify savings for a full scale program

Why Participate?

  • MPE will provide the device for FREE which can be kept after the pilot
  • Energy savings
  • MPE avoids peak power pricing
  • Helps avert need for new power generation
  • Take full advantage of wind generation, which is most active at night and solar generation during the daytime

How Do I sign up?

  • Confirm that your home has an electric water heater and available Wi-Fi. For more details and to sign up email or call (970) 887-7027