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At its April 13 board meeting, the Mountain Parks Electric Board of Directors approved $70,000 in scholarships to local high school seniors. MPE’s 28 $1,000 - $4,000 scholarships are primarily funded through MPE’s unclaimed patronage capital, not through the electric rate base. Additional funding was provided by MPE’s power suppliers – Tri-State G&T and Basin Electric. Since 2004, MPE has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to local students with post-secondary educational aspirations.

“Supporting our communities in meaningful ways like this distinguishes us as a power supplier,” said Virginia Harman, MPE’s General Manager. “We are owned by those we serve. In addition to proving reliable, affordable and increasingly renewable power, giving back to our youth and our community is a top priority for our cooperative.”

Mountain Parks Electric 2023 scholarship recipients include:

Middle Park High School

  • Padraic Aither
  • Brooke Bailey
  • Emry Burns
  • Micah Byrum
  • Josie Childers
  • Aida Hester
  • MaKena Ledin
  • Erik Matoush
  • Madison Mullinex
  • Sarah Periolat
  • Bode Rehm
  • Forest Schofield
  • Annika Stuart
  • TJ Tibbetts
  • Andy Trocolli
  • Kimberly Vogelbacher
  • Adam Zelznikar

North Park High School

  • Wilson Florell
  • Jonathan Gonzales
  • Nicole Myers
  • Montgomery Ramsey
  • Talynn Schmidt
  • Hunter Sessions
  • Bryan Martinez Vazquez

West Grand High School

  • Laura Dominguez
  • Carly Kellen

Online School

  • Madeline Taylor
  • Avery Walker