1. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST: Do not approach downed lines or try to remove limbs or trees from the line.
  2. OUR ABILITY TO ANSWER MULTIPLE PHONE CALLS IS LIMITED:  In the event of a widespread outage, our phone system has a limited capacity to accept multiple calls, and your call may be dropped. If you are unable to report by phone, please be patient and try again a while later. Just remember, if there is a widespread outage, we are most likely already on our way to find the problem.
  3. MOST LIKELY, YOUR METER ALREADY REPORTED YOUR OUTAGE: Your MPE meter is programmed to automatically report outages to our office (usually before you dial our number and call to report it).
  4. You can check our outage map to see how widespread the outage is.
  5. Check your circuit breakers (your outage might be a result of a flipped breaker), then see if your neighbors have power (to see if the outage is isolated to your home).
  6. You can report an outage online by accessing your SMARTHUB account.
  7. If you call MPE to report your outage at (970) 887-3378, ext. 1 (using our IVR system): We will need to know your name, address, phone number and the time of the outage.
  8. Report any unusual circumstances (e.g. downed lines, trees, flashes of light, etc.)
  9. If you are still experiencing an outage after your neighbor’s power has been restored, check your breakers again, and then give MPE a call or use SMARTHUB (your online account) to report your issue.
  10. If power fails again after it is restored, please contact us. We have more work to do!
  11. MPE is committed to providing safe, reliable service. If you experience a power interruption, our line crew is dispatched 24 hours a day, seven days a week to restore your service as quickly as possible.

We have highly qualified personnel working to restore power as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.