To promote energy efficiency and reduce our power costs, we participate in a variety of pilot projects. MPE seeks to maximize the grid's potential. This process involves investing in smart technologies and data analysis. If a pilot is successful, MPE will expand the program to offer cost savings opportunities for its consumers.

Recently, MPE studied the effects of Level 2 EV chargers on wholesale power costs. As a result we have developed an optional time-of-use rate and EV charging and wiring incentives. Currently, MPE is performing pilot tests on:

  • Cold-climate heat pumps
  • Smart thermostats for electric heaters
  • Smart thermostats for water heaters 


Cold-Climate, Air-Source Heat Pumps (ccASHPs)

MPE has conducted two ccASHP pilot tests - one in Granby, one in Fraser. Our studies revealed a potential annual cost savings of ~30 percent v. electric baseboard and significant savings compared to propane heating. More and more of these units are being installed locally. They can also be used for air conditioning. MPE provides up $1,000/ton rebate for qualifying ccASHPs. Call us at (970) 887-3378, EXT 6 to learn more

Water Heater Smart Thermostats

In 2019, MPE began testing Aquanta electric water heater smart thermostats (load control devices). These devices provide water heater thermostat control using cell phones, leak detection alerts and energy savings. Call (970) 887-3378, EXT 6 to learn more.  

Smart Thermostats for Electric Heat

In 2019, MPE began testing MYSA 220-volt smart thermostats for electric heat. We plan to test them and analyze the data for at least one year to determine consumer and utility cost-effectiveness. Call (970) 887-3378, EXT 6 to learn more.